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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Seafood Spectacular Recipes For Every Season
Seafood Spectacular Recipes For Every Season


Seafood Spectacular Recipes For Every Season

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Catalog # 9781620877333

Seafood Spectacular Recipes For Every Season

Rock-happy chefs Pär-Anders Bergqvist and Anders Engvall have created the ultimate seafood cookbook filled with fifty-two recipes, one for each week of the year. Each dish features the appropriate seafood for the season and a fun song to rock out to when preparing it! You’ll be whipping up canapés, soups, salads, paella, sauces, sushi, and stir-fries with two of Sweden’s finest chefs.

Filled with stunning full-color photographs, this cookbook will have you humming along to Metallica while preparing grilled halibut with red wine sauce, or dancing to Weezer’s Blue Album while making fried cod fillet with pumpkin purée and shallots. You’ll also learn to make fried monkfish with roasted pepper, olives, and garlic sauce; Bloody Mary-style mussels; clam chowder with roasted corn; baked cod with beets and feta; and tuna burritos with fresh salsa, all while the sounds of AC/DC, the White Stripes, Kiss, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Beatles stream through the air.

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