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Category: Flags >> International >> Flag Bermuda 12 X 18 Premium Sewn
Flag Bermuda 12 X 18 Premium Sewn

Flag Bermuda 12 X 18 Premium Sewn


Flag Bermuda 12 X 18 Premium Sewn

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The Flag of Bermuda was adopted on October 4, 1910. It is a British Red Ensign with the Union Flag in the upper left corner, and the coat of arms of Bermuda in the lower right.

The flag is unusual for a British overseas territories only in that it is used on land in a red ensign form, as opposed to the blue ensign version, as is traditional for general use ashore by the other British overseas territories.

Bermuda's flag is an appropriate civil ensign for vessels registered on the Bermuda portion of the British Register, by virtue of the Bermuda Merchant Shipping Act of 2002. The Governor of Bermuda uses a Union Flag defaced with the coat of arms, a design traditional for Governors of the British overseas territories. For the State ensign, a blue ensign is used, which is common for British Overseas Territories.

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