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Category: Books >> Collectible >> Superyachts Vol 26 2013
Superyachts Vol 26 2013

Superyachts Vol 26 2013


Superyachts Vol 26 2013

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Catalog # X66974

Superyachts 26 2013

Published since 1987, THE SUPERYACHTS is the industry bible for superyacht design and technology. From classic sailing yachts to state-of-the-art motor yachts and everything in between, THE SUPERYACHTS a tribute to the naval architects, interior designers, stylists, builders and craftsmen of these incredible vessels.

Now in it's 26th year, The Superyachts has catalogued and critiqued more than 584 of the finest yachts launched in the past quarter century, compiling as it does so a register of the new golden age of yachting.

The 21 yachts in this volume are an exciting collection that encompasses 10 vessels new to the register of the world's 200 largest yachts – including the new Number 10, a 134 metre motor yacht appropriately named Serene. Also among the newcomers to our Top 200 are two yachts especially selected for their innovative design and engineering – 88 metre Musashi and 96 metre Vava II. Yet some very good things come in small packages.

For unique looks on the popular genre of expedition vessels we present E&E and Pegaso and on the theme of performance sailing we showcase the very different approaches of Hetairos, Sarissa and Rainbow. Two of the yachts in this volume, Hemisphere and Smeralda, were selected because they alter our perceptions of efficient cruisers.

Among this stellar fleet are eight winners of 2012 World Superyacht and/or ShowBoats Design Awards. All of these yachts sit at the apex of the world of luxury yachts and will be the inspiration for years to come.

The yachts: Darlings Danama • Diamonds are Forever • E&E, Excellence V • Hemisphere • Hetairos • Kaiser • Liberty • Mogambo • Musashi • Nirvana • Numptia • Pegaso • Quinta Essentia • Rainbow • Sarissa • Seanna • Serene • Smeralda • Talisman C • Vava II

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