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Category: Books >> Collectible >> Megayachts USA 14 2013
Megayachts USA 14 2013

Megayachts USA 14 2013


Megayachts USA 14 2013

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The perfect companion to The Superyachts and Refit, this edition of Megayachts breaks from the past by focusing on the future of yacht design and construction. We explore the "what-ifs" and the "why nots?" in the minds of today's international design and engineering professionals and look at where cutting-edge materials can take us tomorrow with innovative techniques from the world's best shipyards.

We explore some of the most interesting yacht projects currently in build around the globe and take a look at the latest design proposals prepared by naval architects and designers.

If you have ever wanted to match wits with a yacht designer or see how the stack up on the issues, this volume invites you to a Q & A session with 25 top designers.

Also presented is a compilation of the projects that won coveted ShowBoats Design Awards and World Superyacht Awards in 2011.

Finally,we explore some of the most intriguing projects currently in build
for launch in 2014 and beyond.

Megayachts 2013: Concept, Design, Construction, published annually by Boat International Media, presents a ground-breaking view forward into the design of the private yachts of tomorrow. Discussions of design trends and cutting-edge technologies plus exclusive designer interviews bring yacht owners, enthusiasts and even those in the industry a fresh perspective on what's next for the exclusive world of luxary yachts. Covering every aspect and every interest from yacht fashion to bow shapes and wing sail technology, MEGAYACHTS is written by top journalists and accompanied by detailed photographs and renderings in exquisite detail.

Number of pages: 296

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