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Category: Guides >> Cruising >> Cruising The Chesapeake A Gunkholer's Guide 4TH ED
Cruising The Chesapeake A Gunkholer's Guide 4TH ED

Cruising The Chesapeake A Gunkholer's Guide 4TH ED


Cruising The Chesapeake A Gunkholer's Guide 4TH ED

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Catalog # 9780071778596

Continuously updated and expanded since 1990, the ONLY guide that covers the Mid-Atlantic Coast from NYC to the southern entrance of the Bay, the entire Delaware River and the entire Chesapeake Bay. The trusted planning guide to cruising this popular region, now updated and improved to work with online navigation sites and tools.

Dotting its more than 3,000-mile shoreline are creeks, coves, and inlets--or gunkholes in Chesapeake Bay parlance. They are as challenging as they are charming for cruisers to find and enter, sometimes discouraging the less adventuresome. But thanks to author Bill Shellenberger, you will be able to enjoy these hidden treasures like an old pro.

For more than twenty years, Bill Shellenberger's "Cruising the Chesapeake" has been the guide of choice for sailors and motor cruisers seeking to avoid the beaten path. Here Bill shares with you his engaging, heartfelt evocation of the Bay, its shores, history, wildlife, and people. No other guide to the region offers such complete, detailed coverage of virtually every point of interest on the Bay--from the secluded east fork of Langford Creek to the bustling hearts of Baltimore, Washington, and Norfolk.

Find your path to Cruising the Chesapeake with A cruise planner with suggested itineraries for cruises of 3, 9, and 16 days, supported by overview charts and planning tips Waypoints for anchorages and key locations that make planning your cruises and integrating navigational data into your GPS unit a snap NOAA charts and aerial photos of key anchorages and tricky passages Updated information on boating and shoreside facilities Expanded coverage up the Atlantic seaboard from the entrance of the Chesapeake to New York City and its anchorages that make this the ONE guide for the mid-Atlantic boater

A comprehensive cruise planner and navigation guide and a vivid celebration of one of North America's natural treasures, "Cruising the Chesapeake" is a book no Chesapeake boater will want to be without.

Author: William Shellenberger
Publisher: International Marine Publishing
Edition date: 2012
Number of pages: 448

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