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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Cruising >> Sudden Sea
Sudden Sea

Sudden Sea


Sudden Sea

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Catalog # 0316832111

It was the Perfect Storm, but instead of raging far out in the Atlantic, the Great Hurricane of 1938 left a wake of death and destruction across seven states. Sudden Sea re-creates that terrifying September day in gripping detail, focusing on the intense human drama that unfolded as an unlikely alignment of meteorological conditions conspired to bring to New England a tropical cyclone so devastating that it would require the entire coastline of the Northeast to be remapped. Drawing upon newspaper accounts, the personal testimoney of survivors, and archival footage, R.A. Scotti follows the trajectory of that awful wind- and recovers for posterity the lost stories of those whose lives, families, and communities were indelibly changed.

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