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Category: Adrift On A Sea Of Blue Light
Adrift On A Sea Of Blue Light

Adrift On A Sea Of Blue Light

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Adrift On A Sea Of Blue Light

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Catalog # 0976139707

Peter Muilenburg has lived in the Virgin Islands for almost 40 years, building boats and sailing his gaff-rigged ketch throughout the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and along the African coast. Here are his true tales, many previously published in magazines such as Islands, SAIL and Reader's Digest. Peter's passion for the sea, the stars, his family, his boat and the islands themselves is mirrored in his sensuous prose, his ear for dialogue, and his talent for transporting the reader to the place and time of his Caribbean imagination, and to his wondrous insights into island (and everyday) life.

Author:Peter Muilenburg
Publisher: Afro-Indies Press
1ST edition (2005)
ISBN-13: 978-0976139706
256 pages

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