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Category: Practical Junk Rig
Practical Junk Rig

Practical Junk Rig

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Practical Junk Rig

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This encyclopaedic volume synthesises 25 years of research and development of this unique rig as adapted to western craft. It is a work which has been welcomed by the growing number of yachtsmen and designers throughout the world who already enjoy the benefits of junk rig or who wish to do so. Now in paperback for the first time, Practical Junk Rig examines the design and aerodynamic theory behind junk rigs and discusses how best to sail them. It outlines the rig in detail, the principles that underlie it, considers possible alternative shapes and arrangements and analyses performance, all assisted by a wealth of detailed line illustrations. 'There is no better or more compehensive work on the subject available...it should be considered THE handbook on junk rigs for anyone interested in the subject' Sailing 'I cannot recommend this book too highly' Classic Boat

Author:H.G. Hasler
Publisher: Tiller Pub
Edition Date: June 1996
244 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1888671018

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