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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Maintenance >> Your First Powerboat
Your First Powerboat

Your First Powerboat


Your First Powerboat

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Catalog # 9780071496735

Your First Powerboat

Next to your house, your boat may well be the biggest investment you ever make. Buying and owning a boat involves one baffling decision after another. Yet informed, impartial guidance is almost impossible to find--until now, that is.

This essential manual provides a method to the madness of boat buying and ownership, plotting a straight course through an ocean of confusion while it answers such questions as:

Why fractional ownership often makes sense
How to avoid buying a boat you'll never use
How to identify the Goldilocks boat--not too big, not too small
How to choose a powering option
How to negotiate the best deal on any boat-new or used
How to be your own surveyor, and why even a new boat may need a professional survey
Why you should finance your boat even if you have the cash, and where to find the best loans
How to calculate the total cost of ownership before you buy!

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