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Funny Old Sailor

Funny Old Sailor


Funny Old Sailor

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Catalog # 0713667133

Des Sleightholme has been taking the mickey out of himself and others in the yachting game for nigh on fifty years and he hasn't mellowed a bit. This new collection of yarns is largely autobiographical, but nobody is safe from Des's dry humour. Why is it for, instance, that during morning ablutions afloat women seem able to glide in and out of the loo unseen, while men bang about, splash and make noises? Elsewhere we learn how Des caulked seams with soap, how he stitched canvas on his lap with the inevitable result, and rode the Tunnel of Love with old Frank and his nasal inhaler. With his unfailing eye for the funny side of things, in a Funny Old Sailor, Des mercilessly sends up both himself and the poor unfortunates who have crossed his path during his long salty career.

Author: Des Sleightholme
Publisher: A & C Black
Publication Date: 2003
Binding: Paperback

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