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Fire Test Procedures Ftp Code 2012 ED

Fire Test Procedures Ftp Code 2012 ED


Fire Test Procedures Ftp Code 2012 ED

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The 2010 FTP Code, along with relevant SOLAS amendments to make it mandatory, was adopted, with an expected entry into force date of 1 July 2012. The 2010 FTP Code provides the international requirements for laboratory testing, type-approval and fire test procedures for products referenced under SOLAS chapter II-2. It comprehensively revises and updates the current Code, adopted by the MSC in 1996. The 2010 FTP Code includes the following: test for non-combustibility; test for smoke and toxicity; test for "A", "B" and "F" class divisions; test for fire door control systems; test for surface flammability (surface materials and primary deck coverings); test for vertically supported textiles and films; test for upholstered furniture; test for bedding components; test for fire-restricting materials for high-speed craft; and test for fire-resisting divisions of high-speed craft.

ISBN-13: 9789280115482

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