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Category: Great Southern Route Sy Cruising Guide 3RD 2013/14
Great Southern Route Sy Cruising Guide 3RD 2013/14

Great Southern Route Sy Cruising Guide 3RD 2013/14

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Great Southern Route Sy Cruising Guide 3RD 2013/14

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The most exciting Superyacht route in the world. This guide is to tempt you to take your yacht into some of the most wondrous destinations in the world. It is to cajole you to break the shackles that seem to want your wonderful world-capable yacht confined to an evermore crowded and evermore mediocre circuit of over-stuffed ports an anchorages within the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Great Southern Route 3 is to remind you why you bought a yacht in the first place. Wasn’t it to take your experiences beyond what could gain by other means? Wasn’t it to engage with the marine environment in a way that just staying in a coastal resort does not allow? Wasn’t it to wake up somewhere totally new and just stand in awe at the wonder around you?

Each page should awaken and embolden your passion; that same passion that brought you to yachting in the first instance, the passion that somehow has been eroded through multiple seasons crabbing your way around well-trodden anchorages. Like your yacht owner you too began this career dreaming of the ‘far away’ cruise where you would learn of worlds far beyond your own experiences.

GSR 3 should provide inspiration and information for your route planning and it should also comfort you that yes, you too can take a yacht around the world.

Enjoy the images, but don’t stop there. Read in detail the stories of Captains just like you as he cruised exotic, distant waters and know that like you there was a first day into the unknown. Read the weather routing information and use this as a platform to start your learning.

With GSR 3 as your guide take your yacht, your career and your owner to new grounds.

Publisher: Ocean Media
Edition date: 2013

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