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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Voyaging >> Staniel Cay Book 1
Staniel Cay Book 1

Staniel Cay Book 1


Staniel Cay Book 1

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Catalog # 1414034881

Old Nick Finneran finally tells his story of how, as a teenager in post-World War II 1948, he and his cousin Tony leave the cold Massachusetts winters behind to begin a life's journey. Along the way Nick and Tony do a lot of fishing, meet colorful characters from the pre-tourist days of Miami, and discover a wrecked sailboat in the mangroves, which they rebuild and sail to the Bahamas. The teenagers experience the tranquil life in the Caribbean before the tourist boom, but soon uncover a plot that could prove to be the opening salvo of the cold war! The boys are incredulous to find themselves in a life and death struggle for survival.

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