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Category: Rms Segwun Queen Of Muskoka
Rms Segwun Queen Of Muskoka
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Rms Segwun Queen Of Muskoka

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Catalog # 9781459704428

The Royal Mail Ship" Segwun" is the oldest operating steamship in North America, a Muskoka icon, and one of Ontario's best-known tourist attractions. Built as a paddlewheeler in 1887, the RMS "Segwun" saw her initial career suspended in the 1950s when the ship ceased operations. Fortunately, she began a new chapter in 1974 when she was lovingly restored and magnificent sightseeing cruises were offered. Those who board the vessel step back in time to a romantic era in cottage country's history when steamboats were vital to settlement, tourism, and economic development.

The history of this celebrated Canadian ship and her sister vessels that made up the Muskoka Navigation Company fleet is thoughtfully explored, as is the long and significant past of steamboating on the Muskoka lakes. Historical and contemporary photographs complement the story of this "Queen of Muskoka" in recognition of her 125th anniversary.

Author: Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva
Publisher: Natural Heritage Books
Edition date: 04-15-2012
Number of pages: 64

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