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Zarela's Veracruz

Zarela's Veracruz


Zarela's Veracruz

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Zarela Martinez, a New York City restaurateur, also hosts a Mexican cooking show on PBS, and this is the companion cookbook. In addition to analyzing the influences on the cooking of Veracruz, Martinez provides a food-oriented tour of the area. But the book is mainly a source for many unusual recipes, including Avocado Cocktail, Chile-Spiced Sausage, Pollo en Mora (chicken with blackberry liqueur and green olives), Red Snapper Veracruz Style (i.e. with bay leaves and thyme), Tostadas de Jaiba (Tostadas with Hashed Crab), Pemoles (Corn Masa Cookies), Toritos de Cacahuate (a violently alcoholic punch with milk and peanut butter), and--perhaps surprisingly--Mint Juleps that bear only a passing resemblance (they do contain mint!) to the Kentucky version.

Authors: Anne Mendelson and Zarela Martinez
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Edition Date (04-13-2004)
Paperback: 383 pages

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