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Garbage Record Book Us And Intl M.E.T.

Garbage Record Book Us And Intl M.E.T.


Garbage Record Book Us And Intl M.E.T.

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The Garbage Record Book: US & International MET provides 76 pages of material. The first 16 pages explain the use of the Garbage Record Book. The remaining 60 pages contain a grid-table format for organized log entries. Each page contains space for: ship's name, distinctive #/letters, IMO #, garbage category, date/time, position of the ship (lat/long/remarks/accidental loss), category, estimated amount discharged or incinerated, to sea, to reception facility, incinerated and certification/signature.

Note - 33 CFR 151.55 requires each "manned oceangoing ship" 40+ feet in length engaged in commerce and either documented or using state registration numbers to maintain a written refuse record book. However, this does not apply to recreational vessels or public vessels. The Garbage Record Book contains complete instructions, a list of garbage pollution regulations, a series of informative Q&A, and 60 reporting pages.

Author: MET
Publisher: MET
Edition Date: 2013
Number of Pages: 76

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