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Category: London Goes To Sea
London Goes To Sea

London Goes To Sea

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London Goes To Sea

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LONDON Goes to Sea is Peter J. Baumgartner's candid and captivating account of restoring an aging fiberglass sailboat over the course of four years and then reintroducing it to its native New England waters. Baumgartner's precise records illustrate every trial and triumph of the restoration process, and his careful attention to errors made along the way provides crucial insight for anyone considering a similar project. Baumgartner's writing combines the best elements of a brisk, entertaining narrative and a thoroughly practical handbook, making for a truly unique story that embraces every experience of the coastal sailor. Whether refining a new nautical skill, learning about the life cycle of a jellyfish, or narrowly avoiding a collision with a cruise ship off Cape Cod, Baumgartner's unflagging joy and enthusiasm for his old Cape Dory shine through on every page.

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