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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Log Books >> Sannox Logbook 90 Day For Chief Engineer
Sannox Logbook 90 Day For Chief Engineer

Sannox Logbook 90 Day For Chief Engineer


Sannox Logbook 90 Day For Chief Engineer

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Catalog # X63464

The Chief Engineer's Sannox Log Book (Pattern No. 120) is contained within a black hard-cover, for durability, and provides over 180 pages of log space. This space is organized in a grid-table format for organized log entries. Each entry space covers two pages (left and right side).

The left side contains space for the following: Engineers' Log M.V., Voyage No., Watch (hours), Engine (Port/Star.), Counter Reading, Total Revs. per Watch, Revs. per Min., Piston Cooking Water (Lbs. Press/Cooler Temp/Discharge Temp.), Circulating Water (Lbs. Press./Discharge Temp.), Temp. of Cylinder Exhausts in Degrees Fahrenheit, Fresh Water (Temp. Sea Water Out/Distilled Water/Tons in Tank), Lub. Oil Cooler (Press./Temp.), Max Temp. of Lub. Oil in System, Auxiliary Machinery, Domestic Refrigerator, Tank Soundings at Noon and Remarks/Work Done.

Right side contains: From/To, Temp. of Sea, Temp. of Engine Room, Turbo Blowers (Revs./Air Pressure/Lub. Oil Level/Cooling Water), Sea Water Temp., Generators (No. of Machine/Hours Running/ Max Load in Amps./Lub. Oil Changed), Centrifuges Hours In Use (Fuel Oil/Diesel Oil/Lub. Oil), Jacket Water Cooler (In/Out), Controls (Main/Fuel Lever), Temp. at Pump, Weather and Remarks, Steam Boiler Usage/Pressure, Density of Water in Boiler, Indicator Cards taken this day at (Cylinder/Mean Pressure/I.H.P.), Oils Remaining on Board, Chief Engineer Signature, Time/Date and more.

Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson, Limited
Edition Date: 2001
Number of Pages: 191

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