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Category: First Feud
First Feud

First Feud

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First Feud

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Catalog # 0892726113

In this fable set in Maine, Mount Katahdin and the Atlantic Ocean each boasts that it is "the most beautiful place in the North Land." When attempts to best one another fail (an icicle sent by the mountain to the ocean melts, a necklace of shells is crushed on its way to the mountain), they declare war, destroying all the land in between. "Katahdin triggered its mightiest thunderstorms, most frigid blizzards, and strongest avalanches…"; "The Atlantic fired its flooding waters, wildest waves, and harshest hurricanes…" Sollers's strong paintings give form to the feuding entities. In the end, they can at last see one another's beauty, and "It was as if the new bond between the great mountain and the great ocean was so strong that it spread their wondrous beauty in all directions."

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