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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Cruising >> Dragged Aboard
Dragged Aboard

Dragged Aboard


Dragged Aboard

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Dragged Aboard is a handbook written for the reluctant mate. This book addresses the interests of the reluctant partner. Is it safe? Is it healthy? Will the children suffer? Can I be comfortable and clean? What will we eat? Can I be reached in an emergency? What can I take and what must I leave behind? Don Casey shows us that the cruising life can be attractive. He convinces us that the world is large and interesting, freedom is addictive and outdoor life is healthy, nature is wondrous and friends are where you find them. Everyone with a partner who dreams of going cruising will find an honest assessment of what to expect, gentle encouragement to giving cruising a real consideration and plenty of practical help for making the leap.

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