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Category: Books >> Fiction >> On A Making Tide : Nelson & Emma #1
On A Making Tide : Nelson & Emma #1

On A Making Tide : Nelson & Emma #1


On A Making Tide : Nelson & Emma #1

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Catalog # 1590130413

On a Making Tide chronicles the fascinating early years of Horatio Nelson and Emma Lyon. Both determined to rise from obscurity, they set about making their ways through the world with corresponding recklessness and precocious ambition. Nelson enters the Royal Navy at the age of twelve and is made post captain at the age of twenty- his reputation as a daring yet benevolent officer secured in the American War of Independence. Emma, luscious but penniless, cannily confronts her limited prospects to rise through the social ranks from teenaged bawd to noblemen's courtesan to celebrated artist's model. Rich in historical detail, this novel offers authentic sea action and a rare peek into London's demimonde, where the lives of a beautiful courtesan and Britain's greatest naval hero collide.

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