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Category: Imagine You're A Mermaid
Imagine You're A Mermaid

Imagine You're A Mermaid

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Imagine You're A Mermaid

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A merrily alluring guide to the realm of mermaids. If you've ever heard the call to be such a creature, Imagine You're a Mermaid! is the guide for you! Awash with information on all things mermaid, this book offers tips on what to wear (seashell tiaras and seaweed hair extensions), where to live (in coral castles with turrets of pearl), and what to do (look beautiful and maybe make some mischief). Dripping with mermaid tales, sea scenes, and even some treats to try (mer-ingues, anyone?), and saturated with stunning artwork (including watercolors, of course), Imagine You're a Mermaid! is guaranteed to drown your boredom. Key Features: - Fun to read, look at, and do activities - Eye-catching illustrations complement delightfully silly descriptions.

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