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Taste Of Haiti

Taste Of Haiti


Taste Of Haiti

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With African, French, Arabic and Amerindian influences, the food and culture of Haiti are fascinating subjects to explore. From the days of slavery to present times, traditional Haitian cuisine has relied upon staples like root vegetables, pork, fish, and flavour enhancers like Pikliz (picklese, or hot pepper vinegar) and Zepis (ground spices). This cookbook offers over 100 Haitian recipes, including traditional holiday foods and the author's favourite drinks and desserts. Information on Haiti's history, holidays and celebrations, necessary food staples, and cooking methods will guide the home chef on a culinary adventure to this beautiful island. Recipe titles are given in English, Creole, and French.

Author: Jay H. Moskowitz and Mirta Yurnet-Thomas
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
Expanded edition (07-30-2004)
Hardcover: 213 pages

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