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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Scent Of Betrayal #5 Privateersman
Scent Of Betrayal  #5 Privateersman

Scent Of Betrayal  #5 Privateersman


Scent Of Betrayal #5 Privateersman

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 1590130316

1795...The discovery of an abandoned Spanish merchant ship off the coast of America plunges the Ludlows into a far-reaching conspiracy fueled by jealousy, ambition and nationalistic fervor. The Bucephalas lies trapped under the gaping muzzles of the 32-pounder Spanish guns of New Orleans' harbor fort. It quickly becomes clear that the corridors of the governor's residence are just as busy with treachery, double-dealing, and murder as the back alleys of the sweltering city outside. Harry Ludlow must win freedom for his ship in a deadly game played out in the dark woods of the American hinterland.

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