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Category: Mayday Yachts In Distress
Mayday Yachts In Distress

Mayday Yachts In Distress

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Mayday Yachts In Distress

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 1574090399

Mayday - that ultimate distress signal known and feared by sailors all over the world - is an appropriate title for this unique book about disasters at sea. It's a collection of some of the most dramatic and instructive stories of stranding, collisions, fires, dismasting and sinking of boats from around the world. These true stories of yachts in distress were collected from eyewitness accounts, newspaper reports, maritime court proceedings, and insurance and Coastguard records. a collection of vivid photos complements the material. While exciting reading, the author's knowledgeable explanations and conclusions also provide valuable information and advice for the reader to learn from the disasters of others. Far from discouraging readers from sailing, the author has succeeded in contributing to safety at sea by vividly and graphically pointing out what can go wrong, why accidents happen, and what every sailor can do to avoid a similar fate for himself, his crew and his boat.

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