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Category: Animal Fables From Aesop
Animal Fables From Aesop

Animal Fables From Aesop

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Animal Fables From Aesop

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Once again Barbara McClintock's elegant and inviting artwork graces the pages of a children's book. Here, in all their wisdom and humor, are the timeless fables of Aesop, selected and adapted by the artist, and illustrated in her inimitable nineteenth-century anthropomorphic style. This collection includes such well-known fables as "The Fox and the Grapes," as well as such lesser-known tales as "The Wolf and the Lamb" and "The Crow and the Peacocks." All are revitalized by McClintock's uncanny ability to capture humanity, with all its strengths and weaknesses, in the expression of her exquisitely drawn creatures. Filled with the delicacy of line that has come to be her trademark, these images are bound to please readers of all ages for generations to come, and will doubtless end up on the shelves of the most discerning of book collectors.

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