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Island Captain

Island Captain


Island Captain

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This is the story of a well-known and influential Bahamian mail boat captain, 81-year old Captain Ernest Dean of Sandy Point, Abaco. In his early childhood, he describes the excitement he felt when the first schoolmaster arrived, and the experience when he was eight years old, of his mother's death in childbirth. He was sent to keep house for a lighthouse keeper on a very remote rock where he was taught basic reading and writing. He fished for several years and became a boat captain at age seventeen. He later acquired the government contract to carry the mail between Nassau and Sandy Point on a weekly basis.

He describes the life of a Bahamian fisherman, explains boat building techniques and the operation of the mail service, tells of the loss of boats at sea, and explains his role in Bahamian politics. For his years of service to his country, he earned the Queen's Medal and British Empire Medal.

Author: Ernest Dean, Gary Woodcock
Publisher: White Sound Press
Edition Date: 1997
Number of Pages: 112

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