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Category: Bert And I For Kids
Bert And I For Kids

Bert And I For Kids

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Bert And I For Kids

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Three of Marshall Dodge’s and Robert Bryan’s original Bert and I stories make up this book of old-time classic and not-always-politically-correct Maine humor. The stories and wonderful color illustrations by Edith Heyck should appeal to children and to all who are young at heart, and include "By a Fluke," in which Bert and the narrator lose their boat in a collision with a whale; "The Pet Turkey," which is the story about how a boy gets attached to a turkey he and his father raised for a holiday feast; and "Gagnon, Champion Moose Caller," a tall tale from Maine’s French heritage in which Gagnon exercises his uncanny ability to communicate with moose in some interesting places. This is a fun book to read aloud, and Marshall Dodge’s and Robert Bryan’s evocations of moose calling and other Maine shenanigans are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s poetry for children.

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