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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Excuses For All Occasions
Excuses For All Occasions

Excuses For All Occasions


Excuses For All Occasions

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Catalog # 9781616085971

Looking for ways to escape or shift blame is a fundamental part of life. Here sa survival guide full of ready-made excuses, from the student s classic My dogate my homework, to the motorist s Was that sign the speed limit, Officer? Ithought it was the town s population, to the dieter s I wasn t getting enough toeat on one diet, so I had to go on three. You ll welcome these ready-made alibisand cop-outs for business, school, sports, family, romance, and other situationswhere you might find yourself in hot water.

Author: Steven D Price
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Edition date: 05-01-2012
Number of pages: 256

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