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Category: Books >> Children >> Easy Cut Up Cakes For Kids
Easy Cut Up Cakes For Kids

Easy Cut Up Cakes For Kids


Easy Cut Up Cakes For Kids

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Catalog # 9781423601753

Easy Cut Up Cakes For Kids

Why stick to the same old sheet cakes from your supermarket bakery to celebrate the special moments in your kids' lives? Ditch the tired Barbie and G.I. Joe themes and make something truly special with Party Cut-Up Cakes for Kids! Perfect for birthdays, parties, holidays, and other special celebrations, Party Cut-Up Cakes teaches even novice bakers how to create spectacularly decorated cakes using standard cake pans and cake mixes, plus easy homemade frostings combined with your favorite colors, flavors and decorations to make custom cakes that will be the hit of the party!

Barlow, Melissa
Gibbs Smith Publishers

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