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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Country Of The Pointed Firs
Country Of The Pointed Firs

Country Of The Pointed Firs


Country Of The Pointed Firs

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Set in the small coastal town of South Berwick, Maine, this is as much a series of small, intimate sketches as a sustained narrative. As F. O. Matthiessen pointed out, in these loosely connected sketches, she has acquired a structure independent of plot. Her scaffolding is simply the unity of her vision. Her vision was of a gentle and generous people on a rugged and dangerous coast, of New England character and characters limned in colors of high summer and blue skies. Here, too, you will meet the people of Dunnet s landing; the women, who are probably the most unforgettable characters of her book; and Elijah Tilley (among the very few men in Jewett s cast) who, after the death of his wife, learns the skills of husband and wife, of farm and sea. The black-and-white pencil drawings by Douglas Alvord are nothing short of spectacular. Closely observed and carefully rendered, they possess all of the haunting serenity of Jewett s landscapes. Faithfully reproduced and printed to the highest standards, this is destined to become a standard gift and reading book for everyone fascinated by New England, the rich history of its rockbound coast, and this magical author.

Author: Sarah Orne Jewett
Publisher: David R Godine Pub
Publication Date: 2000
Binding: Softcover

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