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Category: Icom Ic M802 Made Simple For Cruisers
Icom Ic M802 Made Simple For Cruisers

Icom Ic M802 Made Simple For Cruisers

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Icom Ic M802 Made Simple For Cruisers

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Over the past few years cruising on our sailing vessel Sunnyside, I keep running into sailors that have installed an HF SSB radio and cannot understand how to operate the radio because of the manual assuming significant knowledge. After teaching cruisers how to use their radio, they find out how simple it really is to use HF SSB. So, I decided two write a made simple manual, not to replace the ICOM manual, but to aid in cruisers in the understanding of the radio. ICOM makes great radios and the IC - M802 is the best in the industry. I hope when this manual is available, there will be many more IC - M802s on cruising boats so that we can get full advantage of the HF DSC system Icom established in the design of the IC – M802 transceiver. When I taught at Columbia Basin College in Washington, it became clear to me, after repeated beatings by the students, that what seemed simple to me is not for someone that I was asking to follow procedures. My students taught me that when writing procedures, keep it simple and assume no knowledge by the end user. My goal for this book was to keep the procedures and layout of the book as simple as possible for a complex radio and include additional information that seems to help other cruisers understand the concept of HF SSB radio.

Author: T L Sparks
Publisher: Createspace
Edition date: 02-19-2011
Number of pages: 144

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