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Category: Katie K Whale A Whale Of A Tale
Katie K Whale A Whale Of A Tale

Katie K Whale A Whale Of A Tale

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Katie K Whale A Whale Of A Tale

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This is a story about Katie Whale and her adventures with other orcas. The "Orca" is actually categorized as a dolphin. This is because dolphins are a sub-category of a sub-category of whales. This makes all dolphins whales, but it is necessary to note that not all whales are dolphins. (Like the "All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares" theory) The Orca, or "Killer Whale" as it was errantly named, is in fact a dolphin. It is the largest of the dolphins. Scientifically, the Orca is a dolphin. It is a member of the family of whales called delphinidae, the dolphin family. In this family you will find the bottle-nose, common, and Hector's dolphins. Take a look at the shape of the Hector's dolphin and you'll see that the Orca looks more like it than any of the larger species of whale. Scientifically, the term whale includes dolphins and porpoises. These all fall under the order of mammals called Cetacea. The order is divided into the two sub-orders Mysticeti, or baleen whales, and Odontoceti, or toothed whales. Also, there is an extinct order called Archaeoceti. Odontoceti includes ten families, one of which is Delphinidae, under which Orcinus Orca, or Killer Whale, falls. And so, in relation to this story, Katie's last name is Whale.

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