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Category: Danger Tree
Danger Tree

Danger Tree

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Danger Tree

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Emulating the circuitous tales told by his mother's relatives, the Goodyears of Newfoundland, David Macfarlane has crafted a masterpiece of history and memory that will remain indelibly in the minds of its readers. Macfarlane weaves the major events of Newfoundland's twentieth century—the ravages of tuberculosis; the great seal-hunt disaster; the bitter debate over whether to become part of Canada; and above all, the First World War—into a saga of the ill-starred yet heroic fortunes of his family, who were rarely in control of events but often at the center of them. With deep affection, he brings to life a multigenerational cast of characters who are as colorful as only Newfoundlanders can be—heroes and charlatans, pirates and dreamers, whose humanity manages to illuminate and enrich our own.

Author:David MacFarlane
Publisher: Walker & Co
Publication Date: 2001
Binding: Softcover

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