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Category: Hero The Harlot And The Fish
Hero The Harlot And The Fish

Hero The Harlot And The Fish

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Hero The Harlot And The Fish

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Catalog # 9780983991830

Life, love, loss, and redemption. She is in a loveless marriage, a dead-end job. She is having an affair with the friend of a friend— He has lost his wife. He needs is a little time. Another woman has her friends, her house, her job, her husband, and her lover—of course, things would change if she knew what the others were up to. There is a place by the beach, a place of yachts and sun and warm ocean water, a place of beauty and sin and sadness and humor and grit. This place calls these people to it, like a bright light calls wayward ships home across a vast, tossing sea. Will they find harbor or will they wreck on the shoreline?

Author: Michael J. McGrath
Publisher: Persistence Press, Incorporated
Edition Date: (September 2, 2011)
Paperback: 358 pages
Language: English

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