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Category: Software/Hardware/Acc >> Training >> Engineering Examiner 2ND Engineer
Engineering Examiner 2ND Engineer

Engineering Examiner 2ND Engineer


Engineering Examiner 2ND Engineer

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Engineering Examiner - 2nd Engineer

This disc does not play on Mac devices.

The Class 2 Engineering Examiner is designed as a study aid for engineering officers who are taking their Class 2 STCW'95 motor certificate of competency - part B EK. It is also an excellent preparatory aid for those studying and preparing for their Chief Engineers (Class 1 Engine) certificate. The engine training software covers questions in ship construction, motor, electrical, general engineering knowledge and Class 2 orals, with a built-in mock examination and powerful search engine.

With over 500 questions and almost 200 associated graphics, this package will also prove to be an extremely useful revision tool for second engineers who are planning to take their Chief Engineers STCW'95 certificate.

A large database of engineering questions for use as a self primer.

The sections covered include:
- General Engineering Knowledge
- Management Questions
- Electrical
- Motor
- Ship Construction

Vendor: Witherby's Seamanship
Published Date: January 2002

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