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Category: Charts - Digital >> Garmin >> G2 Vision - Large >> SD/MSD Card >> VEU713L Finland
VEU713L Finland

VEU713L Finland


VEU713L Finland

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Catalog # VEU713L MSD


Detailed coverage of the Finnish coast along the Gulf of Bothnia and into the Gulf of Finland. Coverage extends from Tornio, Fin. to Vyborg, Rus., including Oulu, Turku, Helsinki, and Kotka in Finland, as well as Hailuoto and Vallgrund. Coverage also includes detail of inland Finnish lakes including Inarijarvi, Miekojarvi, Simojarvi, Kiantajarvi, and Lohjanjarvi. Also includes detailed coverage of Oulujarvi, Pielinen, Saimaa, Paijanne, Nasijarvi, and others. General coverage of the Estonian and Russian coasts along the Gulf of Finland.
Part Number: 010-C0860-00

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