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Category: Charts - Digital >> Garmin >> G2 Vision - Regular >> SD/MSD Card >> VAF003R MSD Western Africa
VAF003R MSD Western Africa

VAF003R MSD Western Africa


VAF003R MSD Western Africa

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Catalog # VAF003R MSD

Garmin G2 Vision

General coverage of the west coast of Africa from El Aaraich, Mor. to Cape Cross, Nam., including Abidjan, C.I., Douala, Cam. and Luanda, Ang. Included in this overall general coverage are a number of detailed charts covering areas such as Casablanca, Mor., Dakar, Sen., and Lagos, Nig. Also includes general coverage of St. Helena Is., Ascension Is., and the Azores. Also includes detailed coverage of the Madeira Islands, Canary Islands, and Cape Verde Islands.

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