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Category: Books >> Children >> Dezert Isle
Dezert Isle

Dezert Isle


Dezert Isle

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Catalog # 1567922376

Jules is a Zert. He lives on DeZert Isle with his best friend Ned the Nail, and he's in love with a brick. — Jules's life is happy and busy; he has plenty of friends, lots of games to play, and sausages to tempt the brick of his dreams. But there are certain things he detests: being hammered by SledgeHead, being swallowed by BigMouths, and being captured by SmotherHen. DeZert Isle offers a guided tour of Jules's marvelous world, an up-close and personal visit to the high life and occasional low points of a sun-drenched place where new friends are just around the corner and gifts are offered with an open heart.

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