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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Voyaging >> Cape Horn The Logical Route
Cape Horn The Logical Route

Cape Horn The Logical Route


Cape Horn The Logical Route

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This is more than the story of a voyage. It is the story of Bernard and Franoise Moitessier's honeymoon voyage from Europe to the islands of the Pacific and back by way of Cape Horn. Setting out from Tahiti, they took the 'logical route' back because it was the fastest, taking them through the Roaring Forties, through the high latitudes of relentless gale-force winds, and through iceberg territory. Their survival was due to great seamanship, careful preparation, and perhaps also their sense of harmony with Joshua and the sea.

It is the story of Joshua (named for their sailing hero, Joshua Slocum), the dreamboat that became a reality, of how Moitessier recovered from the disaster of losing his previous boat-which he built himself-to pursue his great love, sailing the world's oceans.

It is also a mariner's guide to the pleasures and perils of sailing the Trade Winds, the archipelagos of the Pacific, and the Cape Horn route including preparation suggestions and the sailing survival knowledge that made the Moitessier's voyage successful and joyous.

Bernard Moitessier was one of the world's great small-boat sailors, and he displays his skills and knowledge in this book. He writes with great feeling, bringing every minute of the voyage to life with vividness, which makes this book exceptional.

251 pages
Published (April 1, 2003)

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