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Category: Flashman And The Dragon
Flashman And The Dragon

Flashman And The Dragon

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Flashman And The Dragon

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Celebrated Victorian bounder, cad, and lecher, Sir Harry Flashman, V.C., returns to play his (reluctant) part in the Taiping Rebellion in the eighth volume of the critically acclaimed Flashman Papers. Unfortunately in China in 1860 a lot of people were depending on Flashman: the English vicar's daughter with her cargo of opium; Lord Elgin; the Emperor's ravishing concubine; and Szu-Zhan, the female bandit colossus, as practised in the arts of love as in the art of war. They were not to know that behind his Victoria Cross, Flashman was a base coward and charlatan. They took him at face value, and he took them for all he could, while China seethed through the bloodiest civil war in history, and the British and French armies hacked their way to the heart of the Forbidden City.

Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Publisher: Plume
Publication Date: 1995
Binding: Softcover

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