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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Flashman's Lady
Flashman's Lady

Flashman's Lady


Flashman's Lady

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A game of cricket lands Flashman in thrall to a mad barbarian queen in Madagascar. Flashman accepts an invitation from his old enemy, Tom Brown of Rugby, to join in a friendly cricket match, little suspecting that he is letting himself in for the most desperate game of his scandalous career. What follows is a deadly struggle that sees him scampering from the hallowed wicket of Lord's to the jungle lairs of Borneo pirates, from a Newgate hanging to the torture pits of Madagascar, and from Chinatown's vice dens to slavery in the palace of 'the female Caligula' herself, Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar. Had he known what lay ahead, Flashman would never have taken up cricket seriously.

Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Publisher: Plume
Edition Date: (April 1, 1988)
Paperback: 330 pages
Language: English

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