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Category: Breath Of Angels True Story Life Dth Sea
Breath Of Angels True Story Life Dth Sea

Breath Of Angels True Story Life Dth Sea

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Breath Of Angels True Story Life Dth Sea

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When Beattie set out to sail the globe in his 35-foot yacht, Warrior Queen, it was a dream come true. From England he sailed into the depths of South American rain forests via uncharted tributaries. One day he spotted a man adrift in an open boat, dying of thirst. He had only one hope for survival...

John Beattie could not have scripted a better book; he had to live it. The story that rests on the surface of this book is at times funny, always fast moving, and just plain moving...all at once and all consuming; you do not want to put the book down. But as you read you come to a series of revelations. It is not just a narrative going on here, but a series of discoveries, for the reader that is. It is an evolution if you will, that culminates in '...life and death at sea.' The discoveries are profound, as the writing often is, and lays bare the author's many conflicts and struggles as he crosses the Atlantic Ocean in his 35' sail boat. But what is notable is that regardless of the number and degree of challenges he faces, many of them immediately life threatening, you never get the feeling that he will give up. From the first days sailing he has reason, and opportunity, to give up...but he does not and it is only about half-way through reading this book that you realize that giving up does not enter into his personal equation. The reason it takes so long for that message to dawn on you is that he stays well and thoroughly 'out of your face'. That is, his writing is honest and never presumptious. Though you are at times reading high-drama, he does not force the drama onto you. There is humility and sometimes great understatement that anyone, whether a sailor or not, can see is sincere. With the final 'episode' that relates most directly to the '...life and death at sea...' you realize that the point of the book, besides giving you a great read, is about vision, and goals, and fighting odds. There can be found inspiration in these pages but it's motivating with absolutely no trace of preaching. You will also find that John Beattie, while posessing a marvelous deterministic way of looking at life and nature, is blessed with analytical and descriptive skills that are nothing less than 'high prose'. So, 'high praise' for John Beattie's book.

270 pages
Published (January 25, 1997)

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