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Category: Jesters Fortune #8
Jesters Fortune #8

Jesters Fortune #8

We no longer offer this item.

Jesters Fortune #8

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 1590130340

The year is 1796. Napoleon has inherited a ragtag army and turned it into an unstoppable fighting force. Within months he storms across Italy and strikes a lethal blow against the Austrian empire. While the soil of Piedmont and Tuscany runs with blood, another battle takes shape on the mysterious Adriatic Sea. Alan Lewrie and his 18-gun sloop, HMS Jester, part of a squadron of four British warships, sail into the thick of it. But with England's allies failing, Napoleon busy rearranging the world map, and their squadron stretched dangerously thin along the Croatian coast, the British squadron commander strikes a devil's bargain: enlisting the aid of Serbian pirates.

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