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Category: Guides >> Passage Planner >> Reef Fish Identification Galapagos
Reef Fish Identification Galapagos

Reef Fish Identification Galapagos


Reef Fish Identification Galapagos

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Reef Fish Identification Galapagos

The most comprehensive fish identification guide published for the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador - a naturalist's fantasy land, so exotic that it altered the course of Western thought. Useful while diving the Galapagos, this fish identification guide shows you the diversity, quantity and vitality of fish life in the seas that bathe the Galapagos archipelago, one of the world's natural underwater wonders. Perfect for snorkeling and diving.

The superb photographs, the very clear diagrams indicating diagnostic characteristics, and the descriptions make this a very easy book for the layman to use. The coverage appears to be essentially complete; there were very few fish we were unable to identify. Tropical fish often show a great deal of variation, a point that Humann discusses and illustrates as needed. The book also includes information on the ranges and depths at which the fish are likely to be found, which is very helpful.

Author: Paul Humann & Ned DeLoach
Publisher: New World Publications
Edition Date: 2003
Number of Pages: 240

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