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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Sea/Seashore/Nature >> Crocodiles & Alligators Of The World
Crocodiles & Alligators Of The World

Crocodiles & Alligators Of The World


Crocodiles & Alligators Of The World

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Perceived for too long as predatory killers, crocodilians face their gravest danger--extinction--with little human help and sympathy. As this volume proves, alligators and crocodiles can be extremely fascinating. Examine this creature's anatomy to see why it makes such a fine hunter: its almost fully submerged body remains nearly invisible, its slit eyes help it see in the dark and judge distance precisely, and its tough skin protects it against the salt water. Many societies viewed crocodiles with awe because of their power and size, and even made them a part of their folklore and religion. Information on origins, evolution and distribution, courtship, reproduction, and many individual species paint a thorough portrait. Maps of their habitats, disappearing swiftly because of environmental damage, trace their presence worldwide, and excellent color photos bring these sometimes scary reptiles up close and personal.

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