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Category: Backbeard Pirate For Hire
Backbeard Pirate For Hire

Backbeard Pirate For Hire

We no longer offer this item.

Backbeard Pirate For Hire

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 9780802796325

Backbeard may have a new suit, but he is still one of the orneriest, smelliest, and hairiest pirates ever to sail the high seas. And his crew still likes to smash and steal things they just prefer to do it in style. Unfortunately, certain members of the Pirate Council don't think he looks piratey enough in his new garb, and since they are just as stubborn as Backbeard, it's their way or the waterway. Unwilling to give up his birthday suit, Backbeard sets out in search of new employment. He can pillage and plunder with the best of them, but who'll dare to hire a dirty, smelly ex-pirate?

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