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Category: Max Makes Millions
Max Makes Millions

Max Makes Millions

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Max Makes Millions

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Catalog # 1579391982

The hottest new fitness trend is pumping up... down under the sea. Max is back and he's bigger than ever. In fact the little guy is helping everyone bulk up as the "King of Fitness Fun". But success can be a heady thing for a fish so low on the food chain. Will Max realize that money isn't everything or will Sharky teach him a lesson of his own? The adventures of Max continue in William Boniface's side-splitting sequel to an old favorite, Max the Minnow. Dan Vasconcellos jumps right in to give your imagination an all out workout with his underwater renderings of Max and his fitness followers. And that's not all... Once Max's Underwater Workout is discovered in the back of the book, kids (and their parents?) will be hooked on a regular routine of fish-ups and fin-lifts.

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