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Category: Imagine You're A Pirate
Imagine You're A Pirate

Imagine You're A Pirate

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Imagine You're A Pirate

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Catalog # 155037740X

Shiver me timbers! A wickedly sinful peek at life on the rolling seas. Did you know that some pirates are big and strong while others are tall and thin and cunning? Pirates can come in many different shapes and sizes, but all are very, very bad people!!! If you want to be a pirate, you'll need this book! Did you know that a pirate can hold children captive for ransom? Do you know where pirates work? Actually, pirates sail the Seven Seas looking for ships to rob, so they usually don't make it home for dinner. And sometimes, when the captain gets really angry, a pirate will be stranded on an island with one pellet in his gun... Think about that for a second, it will come to you. Pirates also spend a lot of time looking for treasure... Aboard other vessels! If sea monsters were real, pirates would probably fight them -- but they wouldn't get danger pay! Another thing about pirates: they don't even buy their own ships! They usually just steal other people's. Then rename them cool names like 'Adventure Galley' & 'Queen Anne's Revenge'. There's so much more to say about pirates (not the least of which is that they like to drink lots of grog and then sing pirate songs). Children will devour the information in this book. It is funny and entertaining, amusingly twisted, and will appeal to that insatiable interest in the wicked world of pirates. With such a warped take on the topic, only an irreverent illustrator like Lucy Blackheart could do it justice.

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