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Quick Reference Celestial Navigation Cards

Quick Reference Celestial Navigation Cards


Quick Reference Celestial Navigation Cards

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Catalog # DAVIS132

Quick Reference cards provide accurate, concise boating information when and where you need it most.

* They are great for all types of boaters from weekend day sailors to offshore cruisers and professional mariners.

* Printed in full color on weatherproof high strength plastic, 8.5" x11" three-hole cards are impervious to conditions at sea which quickly destroy laminated paper references.

* No offshore mariner should go voyaging without a sextant, timepiece, almanac, and sight reduction tables and the knowledge to use them to find and plot position. Electronics can and do fail. Batteries die. Quick Reference Celestial Navigation is a simplified, yet complete, system for learning and remembering the details of Celestial Navigation. This card makes it unbelievably easy, proving that lengthy instruction, easily forgotten if not used regularly, is not essential to master the art of 'Celestial'. Everything you need is here, including: sextant use and correction, starfinder for 18 common nav stars, data entry form and step-by-step sight reduction and plotting instructions for sun, LAN (local apparent noon) and stars. Plastic card can be scored and separated in two parts: large instruction section fits sextant case, smaller worksheet and starfinder can be used with pencil on deck to record celestial observations.

10.8 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches

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